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Email Marketing

It is easy to reach millions of new customers with a simple click, thanks to our email marketing service. A huge database of more than 10 million email addresses and an immediate setup of your campaign, allow us offering geo-located quality traffic in a short time, with email deliveries worldwide. Our service has already met the expectations of more than 500 clients. What are you waiting for? Contact us for more information.

Self-service platform

Are you looking for maximum freedom, total control and excellent performance? Enjoy the pleasure of self-managing your advertising campaigns, thanks to our self-service platform. User-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology for a simple set-up and experience ready to use: choose the link to promote, set up text and creativity, and define the desired payout. Done! Contact us for more information or to see a demo.

Cosponsoring & Lead Generation

Turnover objective? For a successful business, the first rule is to build a solid customer base to turn to and oversee the best opportunities for communication, to capture reliable data on prospects. Watchwords: co-sponsoring and lead generation, which means new clients, maximum visibility and updated information. To achieve these goals, entrust your business to those who can help you build an extensive network of contacts and can give you the right information, at an affordable price. Contact us for a customized quote for service, according to your needs.

Display & Social Traffic

Watchword: traffic! A challenge made possible by our 360-degree marketing approach. With our Display & Social Traffic services, to hire thousands of users and give maximum visibility to contents to be promoted is simple and straightforward, if you leverage the right tools. Our self-service platform, easy to manage and use, allows you setting up your advertising campaign in an hour and immediately getting large amounts of well-selected and quality traffic, according to your own goals. Whether Display or Social, do not waste time: your traffic is just a click away.

Managed platform

Do you have an idea for your campaign, but lack tools, time and skills to implement it effectively? Relax: we think of everything! Entrust your goals to our marketing team: a professional group that is always available to study the strategy, set the campaign and launch it - thus offering a complete service - or simply to consult for a suggestion or advice on how to steer investments and maximize the ROI. Skilled marketing consultants always at your disposal: now, that's a competitive advantage!

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